RAZER mouse setup video with Valorant

BLOODY mouse setup video with Valorant

Best Mouse Settings for VALORANT


VALORANT is a shooter with a low time to kill (TTK) which means that precision will be rewarded thoroughly; you can't afford to miss half of your shots if you can get killed by one Vandal bullet. For that reason is't important to choose a sensitivity setting that allows you to aim precisely (read: an eDPI that's not too high) while also giving you the ability to quickly react to flanks or enemies who show up in unexpected positions.

That second one usually isn't an issue for most gamers, but what we've noticed over the years is that most newer/casual PC FPS gamers tend to use a very high overall sensitivity setting. That's not recommended for games where precision matters a lot since it doesn't allow you to make the necessary micro adjustments in a reliable fashion.

The average eDPI sits at 278 at this point in time, meaning that the average pro has to move his mouse ~47 centimeters to do a 360 degree turn in the game. This doesn't mean that you have to do the exact same, but if can give you an idea of the kind of sensitivity that these pros are using.

As far as your scoped sensitivity multiplier goes we'd recommend setting yours to '1' as that means that your scoped sensitivity matches your ADS sensitivity which is better for consistency's sake. Most pros opt for this setting as well, with a couple trying a lower setting to get that more precise feeling with scoped weapons. The average scoped sensitivity setting sits at 0.97-1.1 right now.

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Best Crosshair Settings for VALORANT


In VALORANT you've got plenty of options to create and tweak your own crosshair, so some players will naturally be wondering what 'the perfect crosshair' is. The short answer is that there is no perfect crosshair; it all depends.

For clarity we wouldn't recommend to make it too thick or large; you don't want the outlines of your crosshair to obscure your vision. The preset colors for your crosshair in VALORANT are all very contrasting colors to what you'd see in the game world so you should be fine picking any of the existing colors.

There's also the option to turn on 'movement error' and 'firing error' options for each layer of your crosshair. This basically means that your crosshair will be dynamic, telling you when you're not 100% accurate due to your character being on the move or being hit by enemy players. This can be handy for newer players and experienced players alike, though some players find any movement in their crosshairs to be distracting, so whether you like this on or off will also depend on personal preference. For what it's worth: most pros do not have a dynamic crosshair because they're so used to how the movement in the game works the added movement of the crosshair only acts as a distraction.As the game goes on we'll naturally update our database on what types of crosshairs the pros are using, so do check back to see our up to date lists!


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Will I be banned if I use VALORANT macro scripts?

You don't risk getting banned. Because the macro is in no way injected into the game and does not damage or modify game files in any way. If this were 3-part software, Vanguard would detect it and not allow you to log into the game. This is a macro written entirely to the mouse driver. So we can say that it is partially a mouse feature. Macros written in the mouse driver are not as risky as cheat programs not only for valorant but for many games, so they are almost impossible to detect. Also, as you know, valorant has random recoil, so when you shoot with a gun, the recoil rate does not go in a certain direction, the bullets go completely randomly. The macro feature makes this recoil more accurate and stable.